Buy Now. Wear Forever.

The ultimate wardrobe investments need extra careful consideration. One who is building a wardrobe for timeless style need look no further than our fabulous treasure trove of a boutique. Le Louvre is not just about fantasy and frivolity (although we take deep pride in such a culture!), we select the beautiful pieces that will last…


Cocktail Hour

Le Louvre’s signature piece is the occasion dress, the cocktail look, that party you need to knock everyone over with your stunning style. Summer or winter, we have the luscious looks for any event.

Going WEST!

With a design record spanning over 40 years, beginning with punk rock in the 1970s, Vivienne Westwood’s designs have had significant cultural repercussions far beyond the world of fashion. Today, we are delighted to be welcoming back the Vivienne Westwood brand into the stable at Le Louvre. Clothes and accessories that appeal to a wide…


Mama Mia

Style and etiquette are the cornerstone of being the Bride’s mother or the Groom’s mother for that matter. Our last report on such an important outfit still rings true.Blend in? No. Mauve or Taupe? No. Dress and Jacket ensemble? Definitely Not! Such an important role in the wedding party should be taken with the utmost…


Roland Mouret

Desire. Some designers get the concept better than others, but few understand it as well as Roland Mouret. His talents as a dressmaker are fairly legendary, especially considering he is a self-taught genious! This season he did not disappoint as he brought those skills to bear on his new collection for Spring 2015.