Victoria Beckham

Are you set for spring event outfits? We are coming out of hybernation and the perfect spring dress is without a doubt Victoria Beckham! Fresh, sleek and sexy. We love!   Victoria Beckham items available at Le Louvre Melbourne.

Milano Fashion Week. Say Colour!!

A selection of the Valentino dresses at Le Louvre. Isabel Marant Astia fox gilet. Newly arrived at Le Louvre. Lanvin ballets at Le Louvre Melbourne. Lanvin ballets at Le Louvre Melbourne. Isabel Marant Boston leather jacket. At Le Louvre Melbourne. Lanvin electric blue basket with irridescent toe. At Le Louvre, Melbourne.


Remember the Name. Monsieur Hervé Léger, the legendary French designer who took fashion by storm with his body-conscious designs, ultimately embodied by the “bandage” dresses. Monsieur Hervé Léger does not design for Hervé Léger, the company. Monsieur Hervé Léger designs for Hervé L.Leroux, a nom de mode suggested by Karl Lagerfeld. Hervé L.Leroux, available exclusively…

Saint Laurent Paris

Saint Laurent Paris. Only the hottest label going around. We love it for the clean, classic aesthetic with the unashamed rock and roll feel. Sex appeal and sleek lines. Just the investment pieces a girl needs in her wardrobe.   All pieces are an edit of the Saint Laurent Paris selection at Le Louvre